Jumping Out Of My Comfort Zone

This weekend Pittsburgh holds the 3 Rivers Regatta. It’s the 40th year of the event featuring various activities on and off the water. Music, food, powerboat racing, jet ski stunt shows. Basically it’s a great way to spend a day whether by yourself or with your family.

I decided to do something that is out of my comfort zone. I actually went and took my camera to try and get some shots. I took over 800 shots over 5 hours. I had a blast too despite the storm that rolled through around 2pm. It gave me a chance to see if I could capture of the boats that were racing by at 80 to 120 MPH depending on their size and horsepower. There’s Formula 1 light boats which are a smaller version of the real deal Formula 1 boats. Think of Formula 1 car racing by on water and no wheels.

For me this was way out of my comfort zone. I had been hearing all week that Friday was going to be rainy, severe storms, just not a good day. I was almost hoping it would so that I could have an excuse in my mind to not go. I used a vacation day at work and thought “oh well if it does rain I’ll just sit around the house” and I was almost looking forward to that. I could shrug my shoulders and say “well I was going to go but all this gosh darn rain”.

When I woke up it was bright and sunny. At first I was slightly disappointed. Then after a cup of coffee or two I began to warm to the idea. I realized that this was an opportunity for me. Not to sound cheesy, but for “self growth”. Do something that I might not normally do. I always enjoyed the Regatta when I was a kid and my parents would take me and my brother down. Watching powerboats gain speeds of 100 plus MPH on a river is exciting as hell. It’s great being this close to a city with these rivers.

It’s not easy. Sometimes we just have to do. One step at a time. None of us are going to become Boeing 747 pilots after a day or two of pilot training.







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