Finding Inspiration

When I originally started this blog it was to document my journey through photography. I’m still basically a beginner. I’ve found it hard to find inspiration to write any type of post. I’ve been nervous about posting most of the pictures I have taken. I’ve uploaded a few of my photos I’ve taken in the past, but none from the last few weeks. I’ve put a few of them up on instagram, but still have many that I’ve sat staring at not sure what to make of them.

Today my niece, who is a few months shy of 6 years,  wanted to take a few photos. She wanted to get her hands on my Nikon D5600. I let her take a few with that, however she wanted to explore the yard a bit. I dug out my Olympus Camedia C-740 for her to use. She’d take a few shots and ask “What else should I take a picture of?” I told her whatever she wanted. I’m impressed with the detail she sees. Putting together 300 piece puzzles with greater ease than I figured someone her age could. She notices little details in one piece and knows what, where, and to whom it belongs.

I was able to get some ideas of what I should be doing just from the few minutes I had with her. What kind of photos should I take? The ones that look good to you. We should be the first ones we want to please.

Here’s to finding some inspiration to anyone that reads this. I’m going to keep practicing, keep working at finding the spots in life that deserve preserving in a photo.



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