It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while since I posted here, or have gone out and taken pictures. I noticed an influx of new “followers” to this blog. I doubt any of them are real, but it made me want to break a few shackles I’ve had on me. I was going to come here making stupid excuses... Continue Reading →


3 Rivers Regatta, Part 4

The last of the pictures from my time at the 3 Rivers Regatta. These are some images from the Formula 1 Powerboat races. These are the "real deal". Not to take anything away from the light powerboats. These boats can go upwards of 120 mph. They raced along the Allegheny River. First they ran the... Continue Reading →

3 Rivers Regatta, Part 3

Ok, so first off maybe I kept a few too many pictures of the metric ton I shot a the Regatta. I did want to document what was going on as there were various activities going on. I documented some of the Powerboat racing that took place to start the day followed by the K9... Continue Reading →

3 Rivers Regatta, Part 2

Not all of the fun and activities took place on the water. The K9 Disc Dog Crew showed off their athleticism during their event. These dogs were catching multiple frisbees, jumping through hoops, leaping into their trainers arms. It was quite spectacular. The dogs were clearly well trained and love what they do. Watching them... Continue Reading →

3 Rivers Regatta, Part 1

Every year Pittsburgh holds the 3 Rivers Regatta. It's a fun, family atmosphere where there's various things to do and great food to eat if you love carnival grub. It's usually held during the first weekend in August. This year they celebrated their 40th year. During the weekend one of the big events held involve... Continue Reading →

Jumping Out Of My Comfort Zone

This weekend Pittsburgh holds the 3 Rivers Regatta. It's the 40th year of the event featuring various activities on and off the water. Music, food, powerboat racing, jet ski stunt shows. Basically it's a great way to spend a day whether by yourself or with your family. I decided to do something that is out... Continue Reading →

Finding Inspiration

When I originally started this blog it was to document my journey through photography. I'm still basically a beginner. I've found it hard to find inspiration to write any type of post. I've been nervous about posting most of the pictures I have taken. I've uploaded a few of my photos I've taken in the... Continue Reading →

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